The company ” Mocvarni Hrast d.o.o. ” is located in the western part of Zagreb, Croatia, in the region of Susedgrad in its small craft center. Our workshop for mechanical and manual processing, and storage space are provided with a large selection of wood of all types and standard sizes and are occupying an area greater than 1000 m2.

The most important part of our business today is related to the organization of all types of internal space. In addition, we manufacture our own furniture in collaboration with the most famous Croatian architects and designers where we always strive to achieve the synthesis of simplicity , elegance and top quality craftsmanship.

During more than four decades of experience in wood processing, Carpentry Franjić, carried carpentry skills from father to son, ever striving towards combining modern technology and handicraft traditions, to reach the highest possible quality. Therefore, our company always supported the  philosophy of old school crafters for whom top-notch service, high quality work and customer satisfaction are the greatest awards for the work. We also find that to be not only the best but also the only direction for development and construction of our business.

These days people seem so full of self-confidence to even consider taking a step towards the adoption of new technologies and materials. Since 2000, working with a new type of wood, bog oak, also known as morta, which proved to be a superior material for many types of applications, especially for decorative items as well as items of superior design and interior design. We have a certificate issued by the Ministry of Culture, for our work on buildings which are cultural monuments.

Kornelija Franjic